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Low Emission Spiral Wound

The Metalflex 913M-LE spiral wound gasket is a major improvement on the traditional ASME B16.20 design. Where the traditional design is based primarily on dimensional criteria, the 913M-LE takes this and adds proven low-emission performance. Teadit Research & Development has discovered that density of the sealing element, a well-defined preformed metallic strip, and an enhanced soft filler material configuration, along with mandatory outer and inner rings, together play key roles in achieving sealing ability which can meet even the most stringent fugitive emission requirements. Furthermore, the design provides low-emission performance at a level significantly below the minimum ASME seating stress rating for spiral wound gaskets – making the 913M-LE a truly low seating stress design!

Cross Section of Conventional vs. New Technology
Metalflex 913M-LE (Low Emission Spiral Wound)

Spiral Wound: Conventional vs. New Technology - Metalflex 913M-LE
Increase of metal windings, higher density

Material and Dimension per ASME B 16.20.

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