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Corrugated Gaskets

905 Metalbest (corrugated Metal/Graphite Faced)

Style 905 Metalbest is a corrugated gasket style 900 metal core with Flexible Graphite facings (see figure below). It combines the sealing properties of the Flexible Graphite with the extrusion resistance of the corrugated metal core. The main advantage for using a 905 Metalbest is that it provides an extremely effective seal under low bolt loads. This makes the gasket ideal for applications where the available loading is determined to be low and unsuitable for spiral wound or other type of gasket requiring high seating stress. It is designed to maintain a positive seal through thermal cycling and shock load conditions. These gaskets have passed an industry fire test, a relative indicator of the gasket's ability to resist fire conditions.

The standard material for the metal core is Austenitic Stainless Steel. Other alloy are available upon request.

Style 905 Metalbest Gaskets for Heat Exchangers

One of the most frequent uses of Style 905 Metalbest Gaskets are in Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, due to their ability of to avoid mechanical shearing problems associated other gasket types in heavy thermal cycling applications. The standard core material is Austenitic Stainless Steel and the covering layer is Flexible Graphite. Other alloys are available upon request.


For customers requiring expanded PTFE facing material instead of graphite, style 905-ePTFE is available in thicknesses as required.

905 Metalbest (corrugated Metal/Graphite Faced)
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