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Silica Fiber Needled Blanket

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Maxsil® CF6-2000

McAllister Mills’ tightly controlled manufacturing process allows for the consistent production of a shot free fiber with a uniform diameter of 6 microns. This unique feature makes Maxsil CF6-2000 non-respirable and easy to fabricate. Now your maintenance team can install insulating blankets without gloves. Our blankets are even soft enough for a baby

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  • Ceramic Free

  • Non-Respirable Fiber

  • Made From Continuous Filament Silica Fiber

  • Temperatures To 2000° F (1100° C)

  • Absolutely No “Shot”

  • Higher Strength Than Original Maxsil Blanket

  • Highly Durable

  • Multiple Reuse

  • Low Shrinkage

  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity

Maxsil CF6-2000 is excellent as a stress relieving insulation and significantly less expensive than knitted silica blankets. Our continuous fiber blankets have increased durability due to their higher strength and abrasion resistance. Some customers have noted reusing the blanket up to 20 times.

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