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Ceramic Fiber Paper


MaxPly™ Paper is a lightweight refractory material processed from a blend of high purity alumina-silica wool. This product can be used for applications for continuous use to temperatures of 2300°F (1260°C).

MaxPly™ Paper has a good handling strength, low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage. It contains an organic binder which makes it flexible and reduces off-gassing and odor during use. The paper has highly uniform consistency due to its controlled basis weight and thickness. This product is ideal to gaskets and seals.

MaxPly™ Paper is durable and can be cut with a knife, shears, or standard steel rule dies. Its flexibility allows it to be wrapped or rolled to fit around most configurations.

MaxPly™ Paper is free of asbestos and is designed to be a replacement for asbestos paper in most applications.

Maxply paper.jpg


  • Temperature Stability

  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • Low Heat Storage

  • Lightweight

  • Thermal Shock Resistant

  • Good Dielectric Strength

  • High Tensile Strength

  • Good Flame Resistance

  • Easy To Cut


  • Asbestos Paper Replacement

  • Investment Cast Mold Wrap

  • Back-Up Lining for Metal Troughs

  • Hot Top Linings

  • Thermal and Electrical Insulation

  • Replacement for Fiberglass Paper

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